Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bornstein's Blog!!

Is this an early Hanukkah gift from the transgender God or what! (You do know that God was the first transgender being, right?)

This summer the most fabulously insightful and insanely funny performance artist and genderqueer wonder Kate Bornstein started a blog. Kate includes audio and droll humor. Check out.

Kate Bornstein's Blog for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws

hat tip Jennifer Burke.


At 11:13 AM , Blogger Elliot Coale said...

"Genderqueer wonder"--she'll absolutely love that! I hope she gets to read it--maybe I'll drop her a note later on.

Thanks for the comment on my blog about Bear, Peterson!

At 11:25 AM , Blogger Dharma Kelleher said...

I was excited when I found her blog, but disappointed that she hadn't posted anything in 2 months. I guess she's a busy gal!

At 12:25 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Dhamashanti, yeah I had noticed that Bornstein's blog needed an update. Perhaps adoring fans and commenters can still Kate to action.

Elliot, after seeing Bornstein in Tom Murray's film, Almost Myself, I became hooked. The coolness and queerness of Kate inspires me.

At 1:06 PM , Blogger Alex Resare said...

She sure is a blessing! I reread it today after reading the post over at Trancending Gender and I really looking forward to see Tom Murrays film.

At 2:54 PM , Blogger Dharma Kelleher said...

When I read her book Gender Outlaw, I fell in love with her. When I read My Gender Workbook, I became a devoted fan!!!

At 4:17 PM , Blogger Elliot Coale said...

Peterson, if you have the new December 5 issue of The Advocate (John Stamos is on the cover) or can easily buy a copy of it, go to page 44--there's an interview with Kate about her new book! *The interview's called "Staying alive 101" if you want to just look it up on* Just thought I'd let you know!


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